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Why Choose Our Office?
At our office we bring a wealth of heath services and expertise to bear when solving your wellness issues in a professional, personal, and ethical manner.  Our office is a place where you can receive unique care because we provide you with:

Breadth of Services
We offer both a broad range of chiropractic techniques and a complete set of related services, such as acupuncture, multiple types of massage therapy and nutritional consultation, at the same location. 

Highly Trained Staff
Our staff has the training, expertise, experience and diversification to meet the needs of almost any patient. 

Open Approach 
We don't limit ourselves to a particular solution to solve a problem.   Rather, we look at your health issues and create the correct solution from our broad range of services.  We readily work with other heath care practitioners to make sure we function as a health care team.  And we will refer you to other health care specialists whenever the need arises.

Dedication to Patient Satisfaction 
Our practice is dedicated to providing you ready access to the highest quality healthcare possible.  From offering a broad range of services to extending our office hours and doing house calls, we have built our practice around your needs.  We actively seek feedback from our patients to make sure we provide the highest level of service.  Click here to read what patients say about our practice on Yelp.

Broad Referral Network
Over the years we have developed relationships with other highly qualified heath professionals and readily refer patients when necessary.  Our network includes providers of many services, some of which are: 

General Medical Practitioners
Medical Specialists
Chiropractors with other specialties
Physical Therapists
Physical Trainers
Body Workers

We offer a multitude of health services at our office so you do not have to search for various services and go to multiple locations for those services.  Our office is easily reached by mass transit - either bus or rail. We have extended office hours so we are available when you need us.

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Referrals are always welcome

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